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      Eastpoint Asset Management Ltd.(Eastpoint) is based in Bermuda, known as one of the largest reinsurance markets worldwide, and provides clients
      with investment services in the Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) space.


Corporate Mission

      Our mission is to provide a bridge between the financial market and re/insurance market thereby creating new opportunities


      While investments in the financial market broaden, complementary needs for capacity amongst re/insurance companies are becoming
      increasingly apparent.  We seek to make a valuable contibution to our society by committing ourselves to the convergence of two markets.

Our Vision

      1. Provide a steady mid to long-term growth of client assets through our value-added investment management services.
      2. Pursue an efficient solution in the re/insurance market from an investment perspective.
      3. Promote an ideal infrastructure through effective reallocation of risk from the re/insurance market to the financial market.

Corporate Profile
      - Company Name: Eastpoint Asset Management Ltd.
      - Establishment: July, 2012
      - Main Office: John S. Darrell Building 3F, 99 Front Street, HM12, Hamilton, Bermuda
      - Shareholder: Asuka Holdings Inc.
      - Directors: Teruhisa Shimbara
        Kentaro Asari
        Mamoru Taniya
        Toshihiro Hirao (non-Executive Director)
        Kosuke Noda (non-Executive Director)


      - Main Business: Investment Management (Bermuda Registration No. 46744)

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